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What is 
Wells of Truth?

This series is built to provide clear and helpful teaching on topics that are central to the Christian faith, deep wells of life-giving truth. From wells like these Christians can draw insight to approach everyday life from a Christian perspective: parenting, work, politics, marriage, and more.

This resource is offered in multiple "seasons." Season 1 starts with the deepest well of all: the Gospel itself. In subsequent seasons we'll learn about the Bible, the Cross, and more.


We hope that drinking deeply from foundational Christian truths like these will refresh your spirit and strengthen you for a life full of joy and love in Christ.

With joy in Christ,

Steve Turnbull

Senior Pastor

Upper Arlington Lutheran Church

Columbus, Ohio

Home Introduction


Once upon a time, about 2,000 years ago, Jesus of Nazareth launched his public ministry in the small towns of ancient Galilee with a profound message. He came on the scene with news, extremely good and mind-bending news. He announced the good news of God that the Kingdom of God had come near in him. And that good news message changed the world forever. In English, we call that message the “Gospel.”

Almost certainly you’ve heard the term Gospel before. The word has become so common that it is in danger of losing all its meaning. Far too many of us miss the beauty and power of the Gospel. And we have little or no clarity about what it means – or what it means for us. And the loss of that good news is very bad news for us.


How do I get started?

We think you’ll get the most out of this content if you engage it together with friends, but you’re also welcome to use these materials for personal study. Whether you are an individual, a small group leader, or a church congregation, all the videos and supporting materials can be found on this website.

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